10 Top Tips to Effectively Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

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10 Top Tips to Effectively Raise Your Profile on LinkedIn

Even though you’re busy, LinkedIn is one place you can’t forget. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

  1. Use Keywords with Intent

Words are so important, especially when search is used so often in LinkedIn. Using the right keywords in your profile is the difference between being found and being invisible.

Identify the words you want to be found for when people use LinkedIn search and use those keywords in your headline, summary, and profile. Using the right keywords will expose you to more potential connections and opportunities.

  1.   Pick the “Other” Website Option

Under your contact information, LinkedIn gives you the option to add links to a website or blog. By default, the text that shows in your profile is “Blog” or “Website.” We would recommend changing these descriptions to explain the content of the pages/websites. When editing the Websites area of your profile, select the “Other” option. Now you can add your own website title and URL.

  1.  Personalize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you created your LinkedIn profile, it will have a combination of letters and numbers that had no value for your personal branding.  LinkedIn makes it simple to keep your profile consistent with your other social profiles so customise your URL within your contact information.

  1. Tidy Up Your Endorsements

People are going to endorse you for all sorts of skills- sometimes even skills you don’t actually have. But just because you’ve been endorsed for random skills doesn’t mean you have to show other LinkedIn users -unless, of course, fire eating plays a critical role in your professional life. LinkedIn lets you remove any irrelevant skills and endorsements.

  1. Connect With People You Don’t Yet Know

One of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is failing to reach out to connect with people you want to know but don’t yet. That’s the whole point of networking – getting to know new people, not just established connections. There are lots of benefits in building more connections on LinkedIn, you get seen by influencers, get more endorsement, more people see your content, share that content, and visit your website.

  1. Personalise Invitations to Connect

“I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” The default message LinkedIn provides is so impersonal. When you invite someone to connect, make it more personal- mention where you met or a topic you discussed in a LinkedIn group, over email, or during a phone interview. This personal touch will increase the odds they’ll accept your request.

  1. Publish Amazing Posts

LinkedIn posts offer another way to grow your influence, gain more visibility, and acquire new followers. Your existing connections are notified whenever you publish. New people can discover your posts via search. Always think about the audience you want to reach. Highlight your expertise and interests by posting great content.

  1. Find and Join Groups

One way to start connecting with people you want to know is to join LinkedIn groups. Whether it’s a group run by a major publication, a group for people with certain job titles, or a group dedicated to a niche topic, there are millions of groups to choose from, so start searching to find groups that are right for you and join them.

  1. Find People Through Search and Advanced Search

LinkedIn search is your gateway to future connections. Search for people by name, company, or skills. But you can go much deeper. LinkedIn’s advanced search helps you find people by job title, school, relationship, location, industry, current/past company, profile language, and nonprofit interests- with additional search options for Premium members.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

So you haven’t received as many LinkedIn recommendations as you’d like? After all, it takes a bit of time and thought for someone to write a recommendation. What can you do? Ask for them! LinkedIn makes is super easy, providing an “Ask to be recommended” link, where you can specify what you want to be recommended for, who you want to recommend you, and write a personal message. Pick specific people. Don’t just randomly ask all your contacts if they can recommend you. Be selective. Share details in your message to your connection. If there are specific skills you want your contacts to highlight in his or her recommendation, don’t be shy, tell them.

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