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Improve Your Online Reputation

  Hotelier's guide to managing your online reputation on Online reviews websites, Travel Agencies, Google and elsewhere                                      About the course    For Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies wanting to sell through online channels, user reviews have become incredibly influential. Every customer has an opinion and feels entitled to share it with the world.    As a result, both on dedicated review sites such as or or built into property pages on Online Travel agency websites, what past customers are saying about you can make or break your business, making proactively managing your online reputation essential.    However, responding to harsh and sometimes unwarranted criticism on a multitude of websites is often an uphill battle.    With the process new to most hoteliers, many struggle to manage it effectively, or sometimes even know where to start, resulting in missed opportunities and a damaged online reputation.    Our course will assist you in defending, controlling and enhancing your property's online reputation. In the course we will focus on
-Better understand the role and importance of user reviews in today's highly competitive online booking environment
-Manage your hotel's pre-purchase image so you can more easily exceed guest expectations and drive better user reviews
-Use proven strategies to respond to reviews, both positive and negative- Challenge and remove suspicious or unwarranted reviews
-Appreciate how the main review channels work and how best to manage their idiosyncrasies and requirements
-Assess which software tools to use to assist in online reputation management
-Understand how you can drive additional favourable reviews to increase your rating scores and positioning
-Use reviews as a free corporate intelligence tool to better understand your, and your competitors', relative strengths and weaknesses.
Who this course is for:
This course is for 
Hotel owners
Restaurant owners
General Managers
Marketing managers
Sales managers
Head of reception
It will be most useful for you if:
You want to have a better understanding on how to manage your hotel's online reputation.
You currently have bad reviews online
You want to know how best to respond to negative reviews
You want to increase their REVPAR!
Course content 
1  First impressions matter
2 Why User Reviews are Important
3 The Reputation Management Process
4 Anatomy of a User Review
5 What Do Potential Guests Really Look At?
6 Registering Your Property With Relevant Online Review Sites
7 Systematically Monitor Your Online Reputation
8 Responding to Reviews
Threats, Blackmail, Fraudulent or Unfair Reviews
Proactively Managing Ratings
11 Online Reputation Management Tools
12 Managing TripAdvisor
13 Managing Google
14 Managing OTA sites
  • Hotel Reviews on
  • Hotel Reviews on Expedia
  • Managing Facebook Review
Results Higher guest satisfaction More direct bookings and a lot of commissions saved Guests who understand what your business is all about Get less negative reviews Get more and better reviews on all review sites Tools to reply to all kinds of reviews Tips and techniques to get negative reviews removed

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Session: Improve Your Online Reputation
Session Length: Approx. 3 Hour

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