1 To 1 Social Media Training

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1 To 1 Social Media Training

We provide 1 to 1 social media training remotely because our clients value their time and money in equal measures. By providing you with quick and easy 1 to 1 access to our professional social media marketing experts, you avoid costly time away from your business and travel expenses.

But the main reason our training is 1 to 1 is that we know that sticking you in a room with up to 10 entirely unrelated business owners fails to make the training truly relevant to you and your business. It doesn’t work, and from experience, you end up with a big list of unanswered questions.

Training Session Length

We know what we’re doing. We have a lot of experience of training people with different levels of understanding, and we know how long it takes to carry out the various social media training sessions we provide. We provide sessions in 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 1 Hour, 90 Minutes and 2 Hours. If your session runs over a few minutes, there is no extra charge.

We Know What Works.

With our 1 to 1 training we work on your live social media accounts. We make a difference within the first 5 minutes. No question goes unanswered. We won’t waste your time showing you irrelevant tasks, activities, and functions of your business social media accounts. For example: We won’t show you how to correctly feature a food menu on your Facebook Business Page if you’re not a restaurant or fast food outlet. We won’t show you how to schedule haircut appointments if you’re not a hair salon. The list goes on.

You and our training mentor will have your business flying on social media.

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